Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Living the future

People have been talking about it for years now. It's been so hyped up that everyone expects to see it around the corner very soon. But the truth is that , whatever people may say, it will still take some years before we can actually see what can be termed as the 'mobile lifestyle'

so what in the first place is a mobile lifestyle? how ever do you get to call someone a 'mobie' (someone who lives a mobile lifestyle)?

Well think of the following:

- you wake up in the morning, pick up your cellphone, check out the breakfast menu of a nearby cafe. Send in an order for breakfast through your phone. Payment done through the phone also.

- You go to the washroom, and listen to the early morning news through your cellphone as you shave.

- breakfast arrives and you check out your daily schedule through your phone as you eat.

- you then call a cab using your phone while you put on your tie.

- you go downstairs to the waiting cab as you engage the house security system (which is linked to your phone)

- While in the cab, you are already doing a phone conference with members of your project team.

- you get off at the office (cab fare paid through your phone), and your phone engages the security systems of the office.

And that is just a sample....

now I wonder as to when we can actually get to that point :-)

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