Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Using Photos for Hair Salons

Have you ever gone to a hair salon and tried to explain a specific haircut that you wanted to a hairdresser?

Me, just to avoid the hassle of trying to explain exactly what I want, I simply tell the hairdresser to give me a cut that would fit in a corporate setting and yet require little or no maintenance. 90% of the time, this has worked for me. The other 10%, I have had to live with a weird hairstyle for at least a month :-)

Now most salons have pictures which you can pick from, making it easier to actually visualize your desired hairstyle. However most of these are usually presented in the form of posters or photobooks. and thus can be limiting.

One time I was in japan, I was able to see a visualizer (I don't really know the name so let's call it that) in the form of a digicam and a console. what it basically does is that it takes a photo of you and then you can cycle through a set of clothes which is then overlayed over your video or photo. Thus enabling you to actually see yourself wearing the clothes.

Now what if that same technology is applied to hair salons? Enabling you to overlay various hairstyles over your image?

Now wouldn't that be cool?

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