Tuesday, July 11, 2006

RFid in Public transportation

Think of this...

When commuting, what if instead of rummaging around for change everytime you get on a bus or train, you instead have an RFid chip with you, it can be in your bag, your wallet or even embedded in your skull, the scanner picks up the signal. It sends the data to the transportation company. The company collates your monthly usage and then just bills your credit card every month.

Wouldn't that be cool? no need to rummage for change. no need to buy tickets everytime. And you get billed every month. And think of the time it can save you and the transportation company.

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Jamz said...

Right on. Actually this is being done in several parts of the world and usually called as an "e-pass".

At the SLEX this is implemented for the fast lane and usually done via pre-paying and installing a device (horribly big and obstructing) on your car's dashboard. I've heard the same thing going on for the NLEX and you can even buy top-up cards at the nearest gas stations along the way.

I first saw a consumer implementation when travelling through the tube in London. Tickets are easy to disburse at the stations; travel cards, day passes, weekly passes (that even let you use the same card for public bus transportation as well).

A better implementation, if not similar, I'd seen earlier this year in Singapore. The travel card works for the subway, buses, and even cabs.

On a separate note, when I first saw the metro-rail I was pretty disappointed. I'd seen Taiwan's light rail in 1999 and its still years ahead that what we implemented in Manila. What gives? Whats with all those cables still hanging around -- very lightnight tempting.

What ever happened to research? Or was this gotten down to the cheapest implementation?

Alright, lets say the Philippines will catch up eventually. Eh?