Wednesday, July 26, 2006

"Clean and Green" corporations 101 - Conserve Electricity

There are so many ways for companies to help in the "clean and Green" efforts to save mother earth. And most if not all will benefit the companies, in terms of marketing, PR and even monetary.

However I find it quite mind-numbing as to why a lot of companies do not implement any of it...
anyway that is for another topic for another day. For now, let's just talk about one way to implement clean and green corporations.

Conserve Electricity

Here are some easy steps to do this
01 Open the curtains, use natural light where applicable

02 Switch off lights when not needed

03 Switch off computer monitors when not in use

04 Switch off computers when you go home

05 Avoid setting the Airconditioning to less than 25 degrees

06 Switch off electronics not in use

07 Use lower wattage bulbs in seldom used locations

For more advanced implementations

01 Design installations which make full use of the available light

02 Use timer controlled lighting

03 Use timer controlled airconditioning

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