Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Advertising in Google Maps

I just love google Earth. Well at the moment, there is not much data for metro manila or baguio there but I still love to go skipsurfing over the different locales.

anyway, one way for some people to make money out of it (and add content to the database) would be to partner with google (or maybe google philippines can do it) to add advertising capabilities within google earth.

Advertising? how?

well what if you charge merchants say a minimal fee of a hundred peso a month (roughly equivalent to 2 dollars) so that their physical locations will be posted in the appropriate layer.

any user checking out the specific locale will then be able to check out the buildings and see what merchants are located there. Each location tag will also contain a link to the merchant website or google can even create and maintain merchant websites for a minimal fee of say a thousand pesos (20 dollars).

From the point of view of the merchant, 22 dollars per month is chump change for additional avertising. Google can even charge premiums for monthly special listings.

From the point of view of google, 22 dollars isn't really much. but if you consider the sheer number of merchants that can be signed up, it can be big. A single mall in any area alone would have up to a hundred merchants. equating to 2200 dollars per month just for one building. Multiply that by the number of buildings within a business area and then again by the number of business areas within a city and then by the number of cities in any given country and what you have is huge!

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Jamz said...

Yep, yep! I was discussing something similar with a co-researcher when the first beta version of Google Earth came out.

I do believe that this landmark scheme is already in use elsewhere. Some days ago I heard some people from the south were working out ways to make their region/city more visible. Well, here's a way to do that.

Google Maps is another already working model. It actually links to Froogle and lists shops based on the topic at hand and items of interest. Having the same thing visually implemented in 3D via Google Earth would just take a little time (oh, even parhaps faster graphics cards and chips as this is actual rendering from sattelite images).